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  There will always be a demand for Database skills

In fact, I used to think that being an Oracle DBA is as close as you can get to having a job for life these days.
However, the latest versions of Oracle Enterprise Manager are moving to point-and-click DBA tasks and away from Command line work.
This translates into 'one DBA can look after more Databases', or to put it more realistically, and depressingly, fewer DBAs are required.

I receive emails that say - 'I am an Oracle DBA and I have just been laid off, what do I do ?'
The implication is clear - if you are in this position, you should acquire some DBA-related skills which give your CV a broader appeal, such as Database Developer, which brings us to ...

The second most common occupation would be as a Database Developer,(which would mean PL/SQL skills for Oracle). This is also the conclusion on January 4th. 2004, of the respected Oracle expert, Tom Kyte.

Oracle continues to be the market leader, at 33%, although IBM's DB2 is close behind at 31%, but Oracle dominates on UNIX, whereas IBM is dominant on mainframes.

Microsoft's SQL Server is way behind at 14% overall, although it is ahead on Windows NT.

A demand for Data Architects is growing as the Internet and e-Commerce forces many organisations to rationalise and integrate their Data/Information Sources.
In addition, September 11th. led to the introduction of a range of legislation related to tracking individuals and events, which has given greater importance to Integrated Compliance Framworks and Generic Data Architectures.

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