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Books on Data Modelling
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Here's a short list of some recommended books on Data Modelling, and
if you have any specific recommendations or comments, please
email me.

And here's an excellent Web Site called Bookpool where you can buy buy technical books at substantially cheaper prices.

Amazon 5-Star Data Mining Cookbook (2000)
Modeling Data for Marketing, Risk and CRM
Olivia Parr-Rud
Amazon 5-Star Data Modeling (1995) G. Lawrence Sanders
Amazon 5-Star Data Modeling Handbook (1994) Reingruber and Gregory
Amazon 5-Star Data Modeling Workbench (2001) Steve Hoberman
Amazon 5-Star Data Model Resource Book - Vol.1 (2001)
A Library of Universal Data Models for ALL Enterprises
Len Silverston
Amazon 5-Star Data Model Resource Book - Vol.2 (2001)
A Library of Universal Data Models for SPECIFIC Enterprises
Len Silverston
Amazon 4-half-Star Data Modeling Essentials (2000) Graham Simsion
Amazon 4-half-Star Mastering Data Modeling (2000) Carlis & Maguire
Amazon 4-half-Star Data Model Patterns (1996) David C.Hay
Amazon 4-half-Star Data Modeling for Information Professionals (1999) Bob Schmidt
Amazon 4-Star Data Modeling for Everyone (2002) Sharon Allen
Amazon 4-Star Data Modeling and Design (1998) Toby Teorey
Amazon 4-Star Data Modeling & Design for Today's Architectures(1997) Bobak
Amazon 4-Star Data Model Resource Book (1997)
A Library of Logical Data and Data Warehouse Designs
Silverston, Inmon and Graziano
Amazon 4-Star SQL Data Modeling and Structure Processing (1999) Michael David
Amazon 3.5-Star Data Modeling with ERWin (2000) deAngelis
  Data Modeling for Information Systems (1995)
Still no reviews and no stars - very strange !!!
de Carteret and Vidgen

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