Creating a WordPress site may seem easy at first, but it requires some programming knowledge. First, you must master the WordPress creation software, referencing, and above all, choose the best WordPress hosting that meets your needs. Which web hosting service to select for a WordPress site?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world because it is the most used. Indeed, WordPress is a free open source software whose source codes are public. In addition to its popularity, its use gives satisfactory results with less effort. However, it would help if you had a good WordPress hosting to get an optimal outcome after the creation of your site.

What is a WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is like any other web hosting, except that it must allow you to host your WordPress site. Indeed, a WordPress hosting must meet specific technical requirements (in terms of configuration), namely :

– The Linux database with LiteSpeed.

– Script memory (32 MB minimum).

– The PHP and MySQL language.

– The module “mod_rewrite”, allowing the cleaning of URL.

Apart from these requirements, there are other criteria to consider when choosing your WordPress hosting.

How is a WordPress site hosted?

The hosting of a WordPress site is done on a physical server. Indeed, this server hosts WordPress sites to make them accessible to Internet users. Thus, a WordPress site can only be accessible if it is hosted on an excellent host.

There are several servers, the best known of which are among others:

Dedicated server: no resource sharing on this server, because it is dedicated to you alone. No other user will be able to share the host’s resources with you. Opting for a dedicated host is often more expensive, unlike the price charged on a shared server.

Shared server: your WordPress site is hosted on a server, on which there are other users. It means that you share the host’s resources with other users. Even if the shared server offers cheaper offers, it is limited and has several disadvantages. The maintenance of the shared server is not dependent on you and can become slow in the long term, due to the high number of users.

Virtual Private Server (VPS): hosting on a VPS server consists of hosting your WordPress site on a kind of mixed server. This server has, on the one hand, specific practical characteristics (resource sharing) of the shared server and on the other hand, specific technical features (independence) of the dedicated server. It means that you did not have a server dedicated only to you, but that your virtual server is not dependent on other virtual servers on the same server, because each server has its resources. However, you could configure your VPS server as you wish.

Servers designed specifically for WordPress sites: these are ideal qualitative hosting solutions for those who have no programming skills. Indeed, they are configured servers (dedicated or shared), which an individual can rent to host his WordPress site. It is the case for fully configured cloud servers

What are the criteria to choose your WordPress hosting?

Two types of criteria must be taken into account when choosing your future WordPress hosting. These are the classic criteria and specific criteria.

As standard criteria, we have:

– The price / monthly rate.

– The support.

– Performance.

– The functionalities.

Specific criteria include:

– WordPress backups.

– Automatic installation.

– Update